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GUEST : Vispillio (founder of ferox advisor)


ANS : sure, I’m Vispilio the founder of FRX token and Ferox Advisors.

Ferox Advisors is an asset management company with a focus on managed accounts and proprietary trading. We specialize in derivatives and have expended into crypto trading and mining since 2017

ANS : we just made a reddit article summarizing the key points of this q, so I’ll just share that here if you like

FRX (Ferox token) is the hidden treasure you've all been waiting for from the recently reinvigorated Tron protocol with a state of the art "doxxed**" crypto team built around it.

Unique use cases and paradigm shifting staking model with robust intrinsic utility based on derivatives trading dividends give FRX a peerless long term value proposition head and shoulders above the 99% of the meme coin craze going on these days.

Around 800 holders now, supply locked at 700 million, the low market cap is steadily increasing, this is as early as you can catch a true MoonShot candidate before it reaches escape velocity 🚀.

Seed Round sells at a great discount vs the upcoming IDO which is scheduled to launch right after expansion to Binance Smart Chain, a high probability play exists here for a minimum 10-12x which is frankly a conservative estimate comparing how well even anonymous and totally cloned IDO candidates have recently fared on BSC...

Just to be clear Tron Network has also invested a lot on launchpads recently, and there is a chance the IDO can occur on Tron too, which will lead to even faster price appreciation as $FRX is a native TRC20.

For our highly risk adverse investors who like to play a safe game, Central Exchange Listings also coming up and shortlisted for May.

Here is the landing page for the Seed Round, we listened to the community and adjusted all the bonus tiers at a fixed USD amount after the powerful TRX rally;**

all you need is a Tron wallet that accepts TRC20 tokens to receive FRX ( like TronLink or Trust Wallet ):

🏆 🏆

Do your own due diligence naturally, and thank me later 🍀

ps. Here is a recent interview with the owner himself:

⭐️ FRX Team ⭐️ FRX Telegram ⭐️ FRX Twitter ⭐️ Medium ⭐️ Github ⭐️ White Paper ⭐️

thanks, as for competitors, we are alone on Tron Network as the only derivatives trading project,

there are a few asset management ventures on Ethereum, however their strategies are far too basic and mainly focus on yield arbitrage, so I think in all crypto space our approach to DeFi and asset management is very original and unparallelled

ANS : 700 million is the max supply.

There is 0% inflation.

Vast majority of the supply is locked and reserved for functionalities, liquidity rewards and pools, dividends, and only about 10% is allocated for private sales and IDO

I will share a full tokenomics piechart for a more precise analysis of our tokenomics

ANS : Our original roadmap is about 50% complete right now.

The staking DAPP is going live very soon in the next major update. Then within 1 month we are planning an IDO and exchange listings will follow immediately after that.

A utility we will add later this year to FRX token is peer 2 peer prediction markets where users will be able to bet on binary outcomes of the price of major products directly from our website, and when they use FRX to place these bets the probability distribution will be more favorable

ANS : Ferox is a derivatives trading company above all, and our unique strategies in both fiat and crypto derivatives have helped us achieve benchmark defeating results ever since the inception of our hedge fund since 2017.

All of our strategies are built in house, and most are patented so it's fair to say we have a unique edge in derivatives trading


ANS : The number 1 advantage for us in DeFi is that the staking rewards come from trading profits based on the fiat world, so there is intrinsic value attached to staking rewards unlike almost every other DeFi project.

This means the distribution of staking rewards will not dilute the crypto value of FRX, the dividend structure with long term steady price appreciation in mind.

Tokenomics as mentioned there is no inflation so there will be 700 million FRX ever, and the monthly dividend emissions are very incremental and the circulating supply will remain quite low for the first 3-4 years.

ANS : I think it’s fair to separate FRX from "meme coin" craze dominating crypto markets these days.

This is a long term project with real and unique use cases, with a real and well known public team behind it,

and we are addressing a unique function in finance, namely empowering everyone access to advanced financial products in international capital markets by simply holding FRX tokens without any unnecessary intermediaries.

ANS : We began with crypto mining and trading in 2017 and shortly after that started investing in new startups and ICO's...

Most of our activities in crypto space proved highly profitable, so we wanted to introduce our asset management talents into crypto space through the launch of our FRX token on Tron protocol

ANS : Some of the key achievements so far:

50% of the soft cap is complete through private sales alone, we achieved completely independently and did not partner with any institution yet, so it's all private individual clients

Staking DAPP is almost complete, the Beta release is coming up in 1 week, and it brings a very unique approach to reward distribution in DeFi

Expansion to BSC is coming up, the plan is to have FRX coexist on both BSC and Tron Network, which will make it a very versatile and pragmatic token

And we will have a partnership for the IDO launch which will be jointly announced.

ANS : We have a few local communities already and freelancing ambassadors raising awareness about FRX token in multiple languages.
We are very interested to expand into Asia which is surely going to be the number 1 of financial activity in the near future.

FRX is more of a fundamental long term value play compared to the incredibly speculative nature of meme projects popping up everywhere right now, so its unique edge and strengths will become more and more evident as the steady price appreciation unfolds over time; already the IDO and exchange price will be multiple times higher than the current advantageous Seed Round price tiers...


ANS : there is a very small teaser liquidity on justswap mainly put for bounty hunters who wanted to sell their marketing tokens immediately,

Buying for any significant amount is done through the Seed Round page at

please follow the instructions there and come back to us if you have any questions

ANS : yes, we intend to expand to BSC very soon and hold the IDO there,

Tron Network also started investing in launchpads recently, so there is a chance IDO might happen on Tron too, but the plan is for FRX to coexist on both chains at equal value

ANS : we don’t have a bug bounty but if you find a vulnerability there will be an attractive FRX reward, so feel free to check the open source codes,

and also we are always looking for talented solidity developers, if you have experience with smart contracts on Tron and BSC, you are welcome to apply

ANS : Actually the name Ferox comes from latin, meaning "Ferocious" or "Fierce" and it’s an adjective that describes our symbol of White Wolf, which is a strong sentimental symbol for financial markets 🐺🐺🐺

ANS : 1) Dividends and staking rewards based on fiat trading profits

2) Very low circulating supply that has 0% inflation and emissions only come after realized trading profits

3) Project uses the very fast and cheap smart contract executions on Tron, making it the most cost efficient offer on DeFi